Maradona Drug Rehab

Photo of Diego Maradona

Drug rehab ‘saved Maradona’

His former wife Claudia Villafane said: “The decision to commit him was taken jointly by the family and we certainly don’t regret it. “If we didn’t, Diego would have died as we had been alerted by the doctors.”

Maradona’s family had him admitted to the Del Parque Clinic in the Buenos Aires suburb of Ituzaingo to try and cure him from his drug addiction and alleviate the heart and lung problems that at one point had put his life in danger.

The World Cup winner had been undergoing drug rehabilitation in Cuba for the last four years before he was hospitalized twice after returning to Argentina in April.

Maradona Movie

Whatever you might think of this muckraking, Maradona’s life and antics certainly provide enough fodder for a movie, maybe several movies. Maradona has had so many falls from grace and comebacks that he seems to be living in an extended VH1 special. An admitted cocaine addict, he’s been to rehab and spent time in a psychiatric hospital (“They were all crazy in there!” Maradona said, “One said he was Napoleon, and they didn’t believe him. I said I was Maradona and they didn’t believe me either

Creative commons photo details, June 2006.

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