Meg Mathews’s Life After Rehab

photo of Meg Mathews

Meg Mathews’s life after rehab

a radical lifestyle change in the wake of a bout of depression and a spell in rehab, about which 42-year-old Mathews is talking for the first time now. “I was drinking too much and it wasn’t having a good effect on me,” she says haltingly. “I was screwing up the whole time over things that I clearly needed to sort out. So I booked myself into rehab and suddenly all this stuff I hadn’t dealt with came tumbling out.”

Like what? She fidgets, pulls a face and, without answering, gets up to fetch herself some water, clearly unhappy. Later, returning to the subject, she says: “I hadn’t dealt with my divorce… I mean I was heart-broken about me and Noel but I never… I couldn’t let anyone see how badly it hurt me — not the press, God! — so for five years I pretended that it didn’t matter. I had to learn to let all that go, all the anger and bitterness and emotion.”

“I did two months of rehab to let all that go. If I hadn’t done that, I might still be sitting here going, that w****r Noel Gallagher, but I’ve let it go. When I see him, I feel no emotion, no feelings, which is amazing because before I’d be full of it. Now, I can sit and chat with him like a normal adult. But we don’t have anything in common any more — except our precious beautiful daughter. I’ll always be grateful to him for her.”

photo: Meg Mathews supports Mind week 2007

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