Should Rehab be Enjoyed?

Having a Great Detox

She is also among the latest to have apparently shed a debilitating addiction as lightly as she might have a few unwanted pounds.

Less than a decade ago, a stint in rehab was assumed to be a body- and soul-wrenching experience. A trip to even an elite facility like the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., was sufficiently shaming to keep under wraps – the psychic equivalent of a week in the stocks. Today a sojourn at a boutique establishment like Promises in Malibu, Calif., where until last week Britney Spears was tucked away, is openly discussed and in some quarters glamorized as a hip, if costly, refuge for the gilded set.

That idea is perpetuated – indeed aggressively promoted – by the marketers of a handful of high-end facilities, some of which advertise amenities on their Web sites like private rooms with 600-thread-count bedsheets, high-tech gyms, spa cuisine and ocean views. “There used to be a stigma to coming to a place like this,” said Chris Prentiss, the director of Passages, another exclusive treatment center in Malibu. “Now it’s like wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt.”

Is the idea that rehab must be very challenging (and not fun) to be effective just an outdated idea? I must say the expectation that a serious addiction problem can be fixed with an enjoyable stay at a luxury resort seems far fetched to me. The luxury, for those that can afford it is ok, but I think it is going to be a very challenging, and not enjoyable, experience if a serious addiction problem is being dealt with effectively. Now life may very well be much more enjoyable after the addition problem is being managed well but that is different than the initial process being enjoyable.

It seems to me, in some cases, rehab is being treated as a similar way to a Lifestyle Drug, which is not a good thing (expecting the easy solution).

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