National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. Voices of recovery, Sissy Napalapalai, Donald Kurth, M.D., Patti Oest:

The Feds sent me to Rehab and I learned of Drug Court and wondered why didn’t the Feds have a program similar to this one??!! My prayers were answered and was offered a chance to be the very first participant in a pilot program called PADI (pronounced just as my name sounds!) Court. This program saved my life and allowed me to be with my children. I started dating my husband, got married, and had another daughter. When my daughter was born, I began thinking about what I wanted to pursue for a career. I did some soul searching, and thought about how the Feds saw something in me worth saving and how I may be able to help others the way I was helped (saved). Whenever I thought about possibly being a substance abuse counselor I felt a passion burn within. I knew that is what I needed to do. I went through an accredited program for drug and alcohol counseling training (DACT).

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