The Discovering Alcoholic

photo of the discovering alcoholic

The Discovering Alcoholic is the blog of a “recovering alcoholic clean and sober without relapse since the fall of 94”

I am a member of a substance abuse task force, hold a recovery class every week at a local methadone clinic, always have at least one or two alcoholics/addicts to which I act as a sponsor, and of course there is TDA. I have found through my efforts of attempting to help others that my own spirituality, confidence, and appreciation of life greatly increases.

The key is to know oneself better, understand what pulls the trigger, and to adapt one’s lifestyle and actions into a preventative maintenance program. And it’s not only about staying sober; When you apply these same lessons and the confidence gained in recovery to other aspects in life (business, relationships, parenting), you cannot but help to feel empowered.

The author does a good job of sharing his journey in daily posts. Here is an example:

These meetings have also been a blessing to my own recovery, but never so much as today. Today was very special, I did not have a great topic, no announcements, in fact I didn’t even speak. This was because today the meeting was not “mine”, it was theirs. A patient (and good friend) led the meeting today and he looks like only one of many that are ready to take up the mantle. So here’s a TDA Salute to a new recovery community and especially to those that have begun to act as beacons in their own right, illuminating the path of recovery for those at sea.

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