Alcohol is a Major Cause of Drug Rehab Admissions

Alcohol major cause of drug rehab admissions, again

Alcohol has again topped harder drugs like ice and heroin as the addiction which drives the most Australians into crisis rehab. Seventy per cent of people admitted to the major not-for-profit rehab centre Odyssey House, based in Sydney, in the past financial year listed alcohol as among their reasons for seeking treatment.

For almost one in three (29%), alcohol was their primary addiction – up from 28% in 2006-07 and 20% in 2005-06. Amphetamines such as speed, ecstasy and ice accounted for 23% of Odyssey’s admissions in 2007-08 followed by heroin (19%).

Too many people continue to fall victim to alcohol and drug addiction. A big challenge for modern society is to do a better job of helping people lead healthier lives and avoid the ravages of caused by addition to drug and alcohol.

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