Prescription Painkillers Kill More Every Year in USA than Heroin and Cocaine Combined

Overdose deaths from prescription painkillers have skyrocketed in the past decade. Every year, nearly 15,000 people die from overdoses involving these drugs—more than those who die from heroin and cocaine combined.

The abuse of prescription painkillers has risen dramatically in the last 15 years; in 1999 4,000 people were killed by these drugs (less than a third of the current numbers of deaths).

Find more information on prescription drug abuse and treatment options from the United States Center for Disease Control.

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4 thoughts on “Prescription Painkillers Kill More Every Year in USA than Heroin and Cocaine Combined

  1. PainKillers are also not the solution for cure of disease,but in fact a way to relieve from pain (temporarily) till the problem or disease cures, but excess of everything is bad.

  2. I almost bamcae addicted to this medication my doctor had me take for autoimmune hives, I got really scared, but I had an appointment that same day, and they were going to take me off of the meds. I felt so relieved when I heard this, but there are bad side affects when you quit *snap* just like that. You need to wein off of the meds little by little. Now, I only take them when I really need them

  3. People who are abusing painkillers are not so obvious because they are prescribed medicines. I agree with @william. Everything excess is bad. Prescribed drug abuse must be treated also in addiction recovery care center because there is a need to cut the person’s dependency to it. This life is fragile that we need to take care of.

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